How to Purchase

The are two easy ways to find your item (yes it's yours to pick) : 

  • Browse the Collection Menu on top of the page. We got product sorted out by Boys & Girls. 
  • Or simply search away any relevant keyword that cross your mind. 


  1. Do check out the SALE page for finely curated items with absolutely amazing price!
  2. an oh!.. when you finally found soon-to-be-yours-item, choose the COLOR and SIZE, if you like to purchase more, add up the Quantity, then click ‘Add to Cart’.
  3. We give you, your freedom to choose ‘View Chart’ to checkout or ‘Continue Shopping’ to get more of you favorite collections.  
  4. Please CAREFULLY review your shipping address, email address and other details at the checkout page.
  5. The above all completed, you simply have to click 'Continue' to proceed. 
  6. If you have a Discount Code, please key in the ‘Discount Code Box’
  7. We need to know your preferred Shipping Method to deliver your item. Continue button should be click again. 
  8. Select one of the payment methods: Paypal, Credit Cards, iPay88, BOOST or Online Transfer/Bank Deposit
  9. Click 'Complete Order'
  10. An ORDER CONFIRMATION EMAIL will be sent to you shortly.
  11. We shall process your order within 24 hours from the payment confirmation date. 
  12. Once your package is shipped, we will also send you a DELIVERY INFORMATION EMAIL.
  13. Our main preferred courier service shall deliver the package within 2-3 working days in Peninsular Malaysia, while 4-5 for Sabah and Sarawak region. 
  14. Done, and just wait for your item to arrive and unwrap it, take videos and tag us @darwishrichdesign on social media. No, it will not be long. 
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