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It all begins when the founder, Puan Huda Shazwieda herself felt frustrated withthe limited design of cultural apparels for babies and kids in the market. Mostof the colors are limited, like black and white and gray. Well, kids should beaccessorized with colorful and beautiful clothes. But on top of that, comfortcomes first. So, she started to custom made her kids attire accordance to herpreference and trends. From designing to garment selection, she does all ofthat herself. Guess what, people started to ask for her to open for pre-orderfor their kids. By then, the operational costs are came from the committedbuyers. The profit then rolled over to produce another ready-made collection.Since then, the demand keep on raging due to least option for the mummies putthere to get the exclusive clothes with high quality material used at affordableprice. 

In accordance with its name Darwish Rich Design is a brand that is specialist in creating the fun moments with robes and kurta also the traditional casual wear for your baby and kids. Inspired by The Prophet Muhammad p.u.h, Darwish Rich Design comes with the latest trend and design suit the sunnah and meet the style that transcends time,culture and modern. Exclusive for your cute little loved ones. 

Darwish Rich Design producing babies and kids robe and kurta from age 0 month up 12 years old. Robe's collection are inspired by the cultural and religion detailing that are unique and exclusive just for your kids. 

Materials selection for Darwish Rich Design's collection are carefully inspect and only the most absorbent, soft and babies & kids friendly fabrics will be used. 

All of our collection are locally manufactured with our own tailoring team. Quality checking are in 3 stages (wow..!) to maintained high quality assurance. 

Our mission is for parent s to have variety of choices in purchasing the most comfortable, trendy, stylish colours at affordable prices for their baby and kids.

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Happy shopping for happy kids, 

“Soleh Boy Apparel,

I choose Darwish Rich Design”

Thank you,

Muhammad Qaid Darwish

(Little CEO of Darwish Rich Design)

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