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I'm Ohsem-Black

RM 49.90 RM 4,990.00

Rompers Exclusive Baby Boss By Darwish Rich Design®.

Rompers Exclusive for your babies from newborn to 24months. Tailored with the finest light-weight and breathable 100% Cotton Tshirt fabric, smooth and comfortable to wear in hotter weather. The design features an easy to snap bottom openings. Details with our very own exclusive design "Baby Boss"

Our Rompers Exclusive are made with:-

  • - 100 % Cotton Tshirt
  • - Snap botton openings
  • - Ideal for all formal & informal occasions

Sizing Chart

XS0 - 6 M39 CM24 CM21 CM5 - 7.5 KG
S6 - 12 M40 CM25 CM22 CM7.5 - 9.5 KG
M12 - 18 M41 CM26 CM23 CM9.5 - 11 KG
L18 - 24 M42 CM27 CM24 CM11 - 13.5 KG

How to measure? 

Chest is to be measure from under armpit around chest area. 

Length is the measurement of body length

Additonal Notes

Please check on the measurement given to assist you in picking the correct size. The age size is just our recommendation. To ensure that you select the correct size, lease select based on your child individual body size. Chest is the back and front fullest measurement at the under arm of the dress. For the length, it is the measurement from shoulder to the hem of the dress.

NEW Released! Al-Fateh is 2 in 1 Kurta Set OR Baju Melayu suitable for cheerful active boys. Made from 100% High Quality Soft German Cotton comfort for your baby & kids. 

For a look that transcends time and culture, Al-Fateh by DRD®️ is a MUST –HAVE in your kids wardrobe.

Soft Round neck collar and rubber waist for the bottom will make your baby & kids stay comfortable in it. Al-Fateh suits all formal occasion like Majlis Aqiqah, Cukur Jambul or Hari Raya. It also can be wear in any informal occasion. be wear with any type of pants.

Al-Fateh  made with:-

  • - 100% High Quality Premium Soft Cotton
  • - Soft Round Neck “Teluk Belanga”
  • - Adjustable Sleeve with Exclusive Designed DRD®️ Button
  • - Relaxed Fit , Rubber waist for the pants
  • - Comfy for your baby & kids even if their still wearing diapers!